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I like both you message and your stile. That you gave proper credit to the original source is also something that became a rare feat amongst authors. After visiting Zenpencils and looking at the original I must say you did a good job animating the scene stills. You have a good feeling for pace and your dubbing came out very nicely.

Surprisingly, what I like the most about this is that many reviewers actually reflect on you message. A good portion of them don't even seem to have Twitter or Facebook accounts - like myself. Over time, I've developed an expectation that, while user's overall reception of critical work such as yours is very positive, most don't 'think' about it. And I'm so very glad I'm not proven right this time.

Very nice animation. I see not only a moral on greed but also a moral on violence in it.

Your movie reminds me strongly of eyezmaze.com. Is there any connection?

Normero responds:

I love eyezmaze and can't deny that I didn't get inspired by it, but no connection :)

At first I didn't trust my eyes...

What a great informative flash. Why don't you just make another one about heroin or wait... even better: crack cocaine? You could even use the very same lines and almost the same animation to prove people how great it is...
Don't tell them about all the dark sides like cost, withdrawal symptoms and health issues (to name only a few) - Just tell them about how great it is to share your misery with complete strangers!

Dance is the hidden language of the soul...

Although it's not my personal kind of humor, the ideas are new and original and the song itself is pretty neat. Overall it's a nice piece of work.

I like subtitles, but sadly they are sometimes unreadable. If you could add black borders to your white font it would solve the problem.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i couldnt work out how to do that in flash, but luckily you can hear the words so you should be fine.

It's a great work, as far as single scenes go.

I simply love the concept as well as the art. The whole scene appears really 'alive', although you could also animate the rest of her shoulders to let her move more anatomical correct - nice job with her hand btw.
On top of that you have written a beautifully gloomy story. Maybe try to merge it into the animation next time, for I'm afraid many Newgrounders skip the comments right away and miss out on your story.

TaintedNeedle responds:

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I agree, this probably would be better as a story, but I wanted to get it finished in time for Halloween :) Otherwise, I would have.

Just wow!

I got up early today and this was the first flash I watched. When I witnessed you 'breaking the bonds' at first I thought I was still dreaming.
You sir, made my day!

(And yes, it may be a simple trick, but one would have to come up with it in the first place...)

ScrewdriverClock responds:

Breaking the laws of physics and shedding the mortal coil to break the bounds of reality is no "simple trick" my friend, but if it helps you comprehend the magnitude of this happening, all power to you.

Wait... what?

I already heard Twilight was bad, but this really takes the cake...
The voices could be a little louder compared to the sound effects and it absolutely NEEDS a replay-button: I had to watch this twice to believe it.

TheDistortionProject responds:

I just figured out how to make a play button haha, I'll be sure to include a replay in my next vids. Thanks for the feedback :)


I like how much thought you spend on the play-button. Your work looks good so far, but the animation suddenly stops, so I'll rate it like a beta...
I've read your comment, but if you ever find the time to finish it I would gladly vote higher.

Pattiasina24 responds:

Well, actually, I didn't create the preloader, a friend of mine did for our site. Also, thank you, I guess uploading to the other NG Portal would have been appropriate.


On the tachnical side your characters are not really moving, most of the time they keep flickering from one location to another which lets them appear very unnatural. When they are crossing the bridge it really looks like it is: The characters are running on the spot while the background moves behind them with a tempo that doesn't match their steps. And try to remove the gap when the background repeats.
The bgm is mediocre and doesn't follow the action very well.
When the plot is 'over', the whole movie starts anew, over and over and over again... Maybe you should add an ending-screen.
Also the characters seem to have no good reason to be fighting in the first place.

Let me get this straight...

Let me get this straight...

-You filmed a low-quality 21-seconds movie on Youtube with an additional program, instead of just downloading the original movie. (Including a presentation of your inability to use hotkeys.)
-Then you saved the result as .swf.
-After that you re-uploaded it to... newgrounds...
-...and thought "so yeah." would give everybody an idea why you did that.
-Last but not least you used five exclamation marks in the title - for reasons also unknown.

Since you like quoting others' work so much, I'd like to take the opportunity to quote Terry Pratchett: "Five exclamation marks, the sure sign of an insane mind."

Now please consider adding information what you are doing and why you are doing it to your movie(s), because we can't tell...

animationandhelp responds:

well, it is my movie, go on the channel, and i will give you the link to this profile on newgrounds on the account. with the filming, i wanted to post this up, but it was .mov, and i could not convert it to .swf. so i downloaded this program to do how to vids, but it only filmed .swf. so i decided to record my animations, and put it up here.

Right now I don't have much time to play games online (or at all). Because of this, replies to your PMs might take up to several months. My best wishes to the NG top medal point users list. ;)
Update: Sorry, but I REALLY have no time for NG anymore. :/

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